The Best Kinds of PVC Tarpaulins That Dealers Made For 8 Stupendous Applications

When it comes to the industrial need many little and so-called inefficient things become the most vital as well as unavoidable features ever. Tarpaulins are one of those raw materials which are the essential element of many industries. 

Let’s have a look into how many types a tarp can be used.

In How Many Types Of Tarpaulin The Dealers Are Producing For Different Sectors?

1. Agricultural Use:

Storing is the ultimate goal of every agricultural activity, apart from the cultivation. Tarpaulins are the best material to store the vegetables as the vegetables become air packed after packing in a tarpaulin bag. Sometime, some agro items are manure or dried up in the sun with a tarp. 

2. Animal Nurture: 

Tarps are one of the indispensable products of animal farms. The animal foods are kept with big tarp bags as the product is easy to clean. It is kept as the floor covering of the farm as the animal make the place dirty and a tarp is easy to remove and to make dirt-free. 

3. Vehicle Covering: 

The scenario of an automobile showroom and the factory are not the same. While you find the beautiful showing off manner in the showrooms the factories are found to gather the vehicle with a waterproof covering individually. And the PVC tarpaulin ate the first choice of all automobile manufacturers. No matter, it the beautiful car or an expensive bike all are covered by different shaped and sized tarps, 

4. Transport and Logistics: 

The carrying process of huge metallic goods needs proper covering to protect the machineries from rust. On the other hand, any transportable good need to cover while they are imported or exported by huge vans or trucks. The tarps strong and lightweight for transporting only. 

5. Factories and Industries: 

Many industries need some temporary storehouses that are easy to erect and easier to dismantle. And the first thing that comes in the mind is the PVC tarp that is the best product for rough handling and easy removing. 

6. Temporary Tent House: 

Erecting tents in the workshops, seminar or outdoor classrooms are one of the vital project works of the international school of business or engineering. They are hiring the tarpaulin to organize the temporary programmed. 

7. The Trade Show or Fairs: 

Have you ever been the Book fair in Kolkata? Probably yes is the answer. But you perhaps not notice the amount of using tarps there. Well, any trade shows or events or fair cannot be organized without the use of good quality tarps. 

8. Camp for the Explorers: 

Camps for camping and expedition are the best friend of a mountaineer. All mountaineers or the explorers use the tarp tent for their base camps. 

Some Features of waterproof PVC Tarpaulins: 

  • Lightweight And Easy To Install. 
  • Strong and Flexible. 
  • Waterproof. 
  • Fungus or Rot Proof. 
  • UV Ray Protected. 
  • Maintenance Free. 

How to Find the Best Tarpaulin Dealers in Kolkata!

Do you wish to have high-quality PVC tarps for your heavy duty jobs? Looking for dealers who can offer you the right material for your specific needs? Still unable to choose the right tarpaulin supplier? Relax. Here’s our comprehensive guide to help you make an informed choice!

Silpaulin Tarpaulin Dealers in Kolkata: Choose Tarpaulins According To Your Needs

With the variety of applications that they offer, there has been a rise in the demand of tarpaulins all throughout the country. Since each of these varieties have specific characteristics of their own, selecting the right one becomes a difficult task for any buyer. However, once you decide to choose tarps as per your need, the task gets easier! Some of the most common needs are –

  • Covering vehicles.
    • Used by trucks for protecting materials and equipment from adverse weather conditions.
    • Canopies to protect from scorching heat during peak summers.
    • Temporary shelters to individuals and families during several rain and snowfall.

Know the features to look for

Checking the features of the tarps supplied by the dealer is an important consideration. You must look for features like –

  • Thickness

While checking the quality of the tarp, consider assessing its density too. Thinner tents are easier to carry and even consume less space. Remember; you should not judge a tarp based on its thickness only.

  • Colour

Choose a colour which matches according to your company’s branding. Opt for a colour which makes it easy to spot during outdoor usage or storage. Leading PVC tarpaulin dealers in Kolkata can even customise the colour of your tarp and print your brand logo on it.

  • Durability

Though PVC is known for its durability, you must consider checking if the holes and eyelets of the tent seem to look durable. Ensure that it is double sewn and free of tearing or fraying.

  • Weather Resistance

If you require tents for some outdoor purpose, consider ensuring that your dealer provides water-resistant products only. Since there are various levels of waterproof durability, talk to your supplier to purchase the one which suits your needs the best.

Choosing the right material

Whether it is for building houses or for safe transportation, choosing the right material is important. Cheap fabric can quickly start degrading due to the harmful UV light. Thus, you must choose a dealer who supplies PVC tarps with high-quality fabric construction. This will ensure you to get the maximum value for your money.

Once you follow the above steps, choosing a reputed PVC tarpaulin dealer will no longer be a hassle. So what are you still waiting for? Find a reliable dealer and produce a tarp as per your requirements!

Steps Vermi Compost Bed Dealers Follow To Manufacture the Product!

As the name suggests, Vermibed is the bedding (bed) of earthworms (vermes). It is the medium through which compost technology is used nowadays. Being light the product is not only easy to install but is also used to enhance the aeration control. The product is mainly referred by agricultural farmers willing to enjoy higher yields by using vermi compost.


Preparation Of Vermi Compost Bed

  • A layer of moist soil is placed above a thin layer of coarse sand and broken bricks.
  • Earthworms are put in the soil. Around 150 earthworms are introduced in a vermi bed having a thickness of 20cm.
  • Fresh cow dung is randomly placed over the material.
  • It is layered with dried leaves, waste biomass, and chopped straw.
  • Care is taken not to make the product too dry or wet. To keep away birds, the pit is covered with jute bags or coconut leaves.
  • No plastic sheets are used as they are capable of trapping heat.
  • The pit is watered at regular interval for around 1 month.
  • Pre-digested wet organic waste is collected before spreading over the pit. This is done twice weekly.
  • The waste is periodically turned and mixed with a spade.
  • When the weather is too dry the pit is watered frequently.

Harvesting Of Vermi Bed

  • The material is supposed to be ready when the particles become loose and the color turns dark brown.
  • In the next 2 or 3 months, the top layer of the product shows signs of earthworm casting. This is when Vermbed manufacturer & supplier harvest the vermicomposting from the pit.
  • To separate the worms, the bed is not watered 2-3 days before it is emptied.
  • Being the thicker material, earthworms are also separated through meshes.
  • The product smells like natural soil. A bad odour signifies the process of bacterial formation is still going on. To avoid this more fibrous material is added.
  • The material after harvesting is put in a heap under the sun to make the worms shift to the cooler base.
  • Watering is stopped in the 4th pit system to make the worms move to a chamber where the environment is suitable for them to grow in a cyclic manner.

Precaution To Be Followed

  • Moisture content should never exceed 50% as water logging can cause anaerobic condition.
  • The temperature should range between 20 to 30°C.
  • No worms should be injured while handling it.
  • Predators like white ants, red ants, and centipedes should be kept away.
  • No chemical, plastic, or pesticides should be there in the organic wastes.

Advantages of Vermibed Manufactured By Vermi Compost Bed Dealers In India

  • It can be set up within few hours.
  • Transported easily without using heavy transportation vehicles.
  • They are durable, easy to install, stronger and leak-proof.
  • Recyclable, Eco-friendly, and completely repairable.

No wonder, more and more consumers are making use of the product and its demand is increasing with each passing year.

Pond Liner for Raw Water Harvesting!

The dream of peaceful ripples spreading across a garden pond with your goldfish rising to the surface for feeding every evening amid the lily pads is finally coming to fruition. While researching the best methods for building a small, decorative fish pond in your garden, you may have considered using a tarp as a frugal substitute for a pond liner. It seems like a good idea.

It is important to select or specify high-grade polymer resins that have been manufactured to meet the specific, unique demands encountered by Pond liners.

Pond liner

The tarpaulin pond liner mainly used for water retention, including the lining of lakes, fish farms, garden ponds, and artificial streams in parks and gardens. Pond liners need to be protected from sharp objects below the liner and from being punctured by any objects in the water body.

Protection can be provided with layers of sand, concrete, fibber-matting, geotextile, and other materials. Pond lining film is manufactured in rolls of PVC or HDPE and Geomembrane. Strips of liner can be seamed or welded together on-site or can be pre-fabricated in our factory. The edge of the pond lining sheet can be rolled over and secured in a trench or it can be fixed to a vertical wall made in brick or concrete.

Pond Lining Film Specification: Sheet made in 200, 250, 300 GSM. 250 & 300 GSM films 3 years warranty. There are two types of pond liner installation process one is open and another is a sandwich.


  • Raw Water Harvesters
  • Raw Water Reservoir
  • Fish Ponds
  • Liners for Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP)
  • Water storage tank in agriculture

HDPE/Silpaulin Pond liner also has multiple facilities like-

  • cost effective (low cost),
  • durable (last long),
  • leak proof and water proof (prevent any kind of leakage),
  • UV stabilized (prevent ultra violet rays),
  • easy install and light weight (can be installed easily and weight is also light)
  • Tailor-made as per clients requirement

Silpaulin Tarpaulin – A Veiled Necessity for India and its Industries!

Produced by making use of cross-laminated plastic films of various sizes with advanced technology, silpaulin tarpaulin has multiple uses. Whether one needs to cover the vehicle, warehouse, machines, or the field, this product comes handy.


waterproof pvc tarpaulin


Unique and Helpful Properties of Silpaulin Tarpaulin

The main reasons, for which people opt for this product, totally depend on its unique properties.

  • Being made of plastic it is generally lighter in weight. It can be folded and carried by anyone irrespective of his/her age, unless its size is enormous.
  • Resistance is what every Indian wants in any commodity they buy. The plastic tarpaulin is made by a crisscross lamination process which helps in enhancing its strength and also gives evidence of its durability in the long-run.
  • This plastic product, used to keep other commodities away from getting wet, is generally waterproof. It helps to cover things not only from the rain but also from any form of moisture.
  • Tarpaulin being Corrosion resistance not only save other products from rain, but is also strong enough to endure harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun or odd materials like acid and greases.
  • This product is made of plastic is abrasion-resistant. It can endure sharp points or ends, which keeps it away from getting torn or splitting. Even strong wind does not affect its quality.

Variety Available

With an increase in the number of Silpaulin Tarpaulin Dealers in India, each excels in producing various types of tarpaulin to suit the different needs of its customers.

  • Being made from polyethylene, polyolefin or polypropylene plastic, Poly tarpaulin sare cost-efficient, lightweight, and resistant to moisture. The cross-weaves provide immense strength, as well as, durability.
  • Mesh tarpaulin made with polyethylene or vinyl and interwoven in a screen-like pattern, makes the product semi-porous, through which light and air can pass easily.
  • Canvas tarpaulin is heavier in weight as it is made up of closely woven flax or cotton cloth and helps in providing strong wind resistance.
  • Vinyl tarpaulins coated with polyvinyl chloride are heavy-duty tarp, which provides more reliable protection as they are waterproof, besides being abrasion and corrosion resistance.

Utility of Silpaulin

Being a product that has been used from time immemorial, it has fulfilled various needs of us, Indians.

  • In the agricultural sector it is used to dry agricultural products, cover small plants or tea leaves, and prevent ponds from getting dirty, among others.
  • In the field of civil engineering, silpaulin is used for underlying raft, terrace gardens or parking floor, capping of basement or swimming pool, or lining large water bodies or ponds.
  • Among its general applications, it helps in covering machines or other commodities, prevent the greenhouse from UV radiations, cover pandals, or iron ore. For the poorer section of the society, the product also acts as a temporary shelter.

Points To Focus On While Buying

With a variety of silpaulin being available in the market, which type of silpaulin tarpaulin one should buy totally depends on, which purpose it would serve. Make sure of the genuineness of the product, its durability, and necessarily compare its market price before buying.

Importance of tarpaulin in biofloc farming, why it’s better than cement tanks and other!

Biofloc fish farming is the newest fish farming technology which requires to farm fish in a captivated tank with some controlled environment created for it. So here comes the catch, what types of the tank is best for biofloc aquaculture is the most asked question.

There are types of tanks people are using are-

1- Cement tanks

2- Plastic tanks

3- Tarpaulin tanks

Now we will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of each kind of tank available in the market which will make you decide which kind of biofloc tank is reasonably good and having an advantage over each other, that will make you decide the type of tank you should use.

Cement tanks are highly durable and used on the primary level because of their strength of water carrying capacity. But it is still not accepted widely because of a lot of factors that are associated with cement tanks.

The main disadvantages are shown below:-

1- Controlling various factors in cement tank are not cost-effective

2- Initial investment for Cement tanks is high

3- Temperature needs to be controlled as it is prone to environmental temperature changes

4- Washing, cleaning, and drainage can be more difficult in cement tanks.

5- Shifting cement tanks cannot possible and in case of any damage repairing can take time.

Plastic tanks are easier to install and cost-effective too. But working with plastic tanks can come with lots of hurdles.

1- Plastic tanks come with different shapes, so filling a particular place with plastic tanks can be a hurdle.

2- In Case of any damage replacement cost is high

3- Investment in plastic tanks is relatively higher than other tanks

4- Making the drainage system in plastic tanks is more difficult.

At last the most widely used tanks in biofloc technology are tarpaulin tanks. These types of tanks are used widely because it can be formed into any shape of tanks. But the widely accepted shape of tanks is of circular and rectangular. Mainly people do farm with a capacity of 5000, 10000, 20000, 30000 liters biofloc tanks.

Biofloc Fish Farming


The benefits of tarpaulin tanks are given below-

1- Cost of the initial setup for these types of tanks are low with low maintenance charges

2- Drainage system and process to set a tank are very accessible and easy to do.

3- Damage replacement cost is very low

4- The total fixed cost is very low.

Due to several advantages, there are competitive advantages to use these tanks in biofloc fish farming. But there are several types of biofloc tarpaulin available in the market out of which types of tarpaulin should be used is to be taken care of.

There is various type of biofloc tarpaulin available in India, out of which Both sides coated PVC tarpaulin lasts more than 5 year otherwise other types of tarpaulin has a lesser period of durability. Kisanflex manufactures the best quality 650 GSM blue color, UV stabilized PVC fish tank in the market which lasts more than 5 years and has a competitive advantage over other products. There is a clean difference given between Silpaulin Tarpaulin and Other brand tarpaulins


Advantage points Kisanflex Tarpaulin Other Brand Tarpaulin
Weight of 10000 lit. tank 21 kg Below 19 kg
Usage period More than 5 year Less than 3 year
Sealing Heat-sealed Normal sealed
Technology 3D technology 2D technology
Material Highly durable material Low-quality material
Fabric enhancement Yes No
Joint Strength enhancer Yes No
Transparent PVC fabric Yes No
UV Coated Rope Yes No

So before choosing a tank, you should choose the tank wisely to save fixed costs on a longer run. In case of any requirement call- 7044203333/9831506826 to buy these tanks and any other support.

BioFloc Fish Farming is revolutionizing the future food needs!

Fish farming traditionally has many drawbacks. But it evolved after the ages to produce huge number of fishes in lesser space with Biofloc technology which has a competitive advantage over the traditional technique.

Current food needs in the world are growing due to population boom and the popularity of fish is drastically improved due to it, whereas the supply of fish becoming stagnant due to pollution, plastic and many factors, etc. To tackle this needs scientists have developed a technique to produce it commercially with less space, in lesser time with a less inorganic food requirement.

In the world, there are very few countries who explored the Biofloc technique and producing fish. In India, Biofloc fish cultivation is at the stagnant stage, but we are taken the Initiative to change the game overall which has changed the fate of more than 5000 farmers.

Kisanflex is a brand, who is pioneered in technology by providing all the materials required for Biofloc fish farming. It produces the highest quality PVC tarpaulin tanks for fish farming using this technology. Apart from that Kisanflex pioneered in the production and supply of various accessories and make it readily available in the market.

We are having our own research team, who research about the new possibilities about how Biofloc technology can be improved and how there will be more effective to give farmers the best solution possible in the market and taken charge of improvement and end to end solutions in researching Biofloc technology.

In tarpaulin fish tanks, there is the production of 1 kg of fish per 20 liters of water-consuming about 750g of feeds. Within 4 months different fish achieve their desired size which makes farmers even more profitable. There are various constraints though which can be regulated through constant check and skilled practice. In this technology fish are less prone to diseases that can be eradicated through a specific treatment plan which can be provided to farmers.

There are various factors into consideration for successful fish farming and high yield value which can be given below

1- Constant check of oxygen supply to feeds

2- Constant check of ammonia content

3- Constant check of floc growth

4- Constant check of nitrogen content

5- Constant check of food supply

6- Constant check of the maintained temperature

These are the factors taken into consideration while farming through this technique for improved production. So Biofloc fish farming technique is a step forward in its age for improved farming and it can feed the population that requires a huge no of the growing demand for fish.

The demand for the future can be catered through this kind of innovative fish farming technique, and could solve this problem, hence we are taking progressive steps to make it stronger says the CEO of ‘Kisanflex’. Currently, it is in the nascent stage and more productions to be made through this technique. Farmers are being trained by us with the partnership of various trainers to adapt the change and make themselves empowered with this farming technology. Embracing the changes it’s been adopted by Indian farmers at a faster pace.

There are various types of market demand being captured by Biofloc Technique right now. Fishes are Tilapia, Magur, catfish, prawns, pearls are in demand right now which are being produced with the help of Biofloc technology.

We try to improve farmers’ lives by facilitating this technique. In case any suggestion and requirement you can contact directly at-7044203333/9831506826 mail us at-

Shaping next-generation Farming technique. How Kisanflex is changing the fish farming business with the new Biofloc Technology.

“As a fish farmer for the past 10 years I have experienced a lot of challenges and issues in traditional fish farming business, which is completely gone nowadays due to what @Kisanflex has offered to us to farm with Biofloc Technology” says Mr. Suman who is traditionally a fish farmer from Kolkata making lakhs of revenue every month.

As Mr. Suman is experienced a hefty growth with this new technology, there are more than 4000 farmers who changed the fate of their life using these new innovative fish farming techniques across India within the last 1 year.

Kisanflex has pioneered the art of fish farming with exploring new possibilities to farmers which shows a promise to poor farmers who could earn their handsome livelihood through this modern technology.

Kisanflex Biofloc Fish Farming Tanks


What Kisanflex did in the past 1 year is not rocket science, but what has achieved tremendous progress for those who didn’t know how to farm effectively for a better livelihood.

As through an Interview, Mr. Suman told there are traditionally many challenges in traditional fish farming business which are listed below

1- Fish ponds sometimes lack enough nutrients for feeds that are produced traditionally.

2- Production times are generally higher

3- No Such measurement to check production rate, oxygen concentration, etc.

4- Return on investment is considerably low, much time he lost a considerable amount due to some external factors.

5- Fishes are prone to diseases

6- Protein deficiency and growth period have been a major issue.

7- Starting fish farming traditionally costs a large number of set up costs.

Due to these factors above he was looking to change some sustainable farming technology that would eradicate these issues and focus on the yields. Surprisingly Kisanflex has facilitated this technology with solving these issues with a very low investment.

How these problems being solved by @kisanflex using Biofloc Technology.

1- What Kisanflex did was Mind Blowing. They introduced Sustainable PVC coated tarpaulin tanks whose investment to start a new fish farming project is very less. Compared to investment the return it gives is very high.

2- In Biofloc technology waste products of the fish are converted into floc and then the same became food for fish resulting in lesser feed cost.

3- It has a particular timeframe and projected yield period as it is controlled artificially.

4- Fish production through this technique requires less space and area. One 4m diameter tank with a capacity of 10000 liters of water can produce biomass of 500 kilos in 4-5 months.

5- Comparing investment in this modern technology, Ideally You can start biofloc fish farming business at a minimum cost of capital at 30,000 rupees.

6- Return varies from farmer to farmer if they are farmed carefully it tends to give a higher rate of profit margin up to 250-300%.

These are the primary reason behind biofloc adoption by Farmers. Henceforth it has been adopted by 5000 farmers till then.

Being a successful model a lot of people are joining @Kisanflex moment for better fish-farming.

In case of more information please call- 7044203333/9831506826   or Submit this form below to get us connected.


Looking For Fire Retardant Tarpaulin? Here Is All You Need To Know!

Every variety of tarps being crafted from high-quality polyethylene fabric is generally UV resistant, rot resistant, and water proof. The advantages offered by the product are treated to be one of the main reasons why its demand is enhancing with each passing day. Recently, there has been an increase in the demand for tarps having fire retardant properties. This variety of tarp is also known as a white poly tarp or silver tarp and possesses all the qualities of the polyethylene tarps, besides being fire retardant. Whether it’s about a big outdoor construction project, or a small one, this variety of tarp is widely used.

fire retardant tarpaulin


Its fire retardant quality is mainly because of the material with which it has been manufactured. They have a 12 millimeter thickness and 14 by 14 denier count. The importance and application of this variety of trap are much more than you think. They are widely used as covers in the construction industry, as shade structures, and as temporary shelters for covering areas that require special protection from water or fire. Even though being fire resistant, it can be used with ease as they provide air circulation. They are also used as containment with tent structures and for objects that require protection from static electricity, the sun, or rain.

Every camper is aware of the importance of fire retardant tarps at camping sites. They are widely used as a tent or temporary shelters during camping. Gone are the days when tarps were set up at camping site to provide shelter to the campers during rain. Since camping fire is quite common, it is vital for the tarps surrounding it to be fire resistant as well. Fire Retardant Tarpaulin Manufacturers in India is nowadays supplying the product in large quantity to meet the huge demand of the campers.

Protecting or concealing your supplies or equipment becomes easy with the fire retardant tarps as the products don’t support combustion and reduce chances of condensation. If you are looking for tarpaulins which can work as welding curtains, interior divider curtains, recreational products, gym floor coverings, or by fire department workers, this product will work the best. All you need to do is look for a reliable manufacturer and make the most of the tarps offered by them. Enhancing your safety has now become easier than you think.

5 Types of Tarpaulin Offered By Manufacturers and Dealers in India!

The waterproof characteristic of a tarpaulin sheet is regarded to be one of the prime reasons why its demand is gradually enhancing in the domestic and international market. The name has been derived by mixing two words, tarp (tarred canvas) and palling (fabric). This strong and flexible product is available in a wide range of colours and thickness. With the advancement in technology, manufacturers and dealers all over India are offering a wide variety of tarpaulins for customers to choose from according to their requirements.


Few Products Offered By Tarpaulin Manufacturers and Dealers in India-

Truck Tarps:-

A very strong heavy duty poly coating is used to manufacture truck tarpaulin. They are the ideal product for trucks that require traveling long distances by acting as a secured fitting coverage. Heavy duty polyethylene material and rubberized tarps are used to manufacture truck tarps. They are equipped with D Rings, i.e., stainless steel is placed on the nylon webbing after every 2 feet. This helps in securing and fitting the tarp over the truck. You can also add solid brass grommets in the corners for additional secure fittings.

Mesh Tarps:-

They are manufactured using nylon and ideal for situations when you want the tarp to go through water or the wind. They are used when a shade screen tent is being constructed as it covers and weakens wind hitting the canopy tent. When hard winds blow through a mesh tarp, it defuses slowly from the other side. No wonder, securing a tent or canopy becomes easy by using those mesh tarps. The green colored tarps are used in golf courses, tennis courts, and enhance the beauty of a garden setting.

Lumber Tarps:-

Though not being a very common variety of tarpaulin, lumber tarps have widespread applications. Make sure the manufacturer you approach offers UV treated and 100% waterproof products. This helps in keeping the lumber dry and away from the harmful rays of the sun. The size of the lumber tarp generally depends on its job.

Poly Tarps:-

There are numerous Plastic Tarpaulin Manufacturers and Dealers in India offering plastic based materials. Generally, this material is used while manufacturing packaging, containers or electrical insulation. Though being crafted from plastic, they are extremely tough, chemical-resistant, and flexible. Since polyethylene is considered to be a feasible plastic with many applications, poly tarp is one of the tarpaulin products having the highest utility and is quite affordable.

Canvas Tarps:-

The canvas tarps are closely woven and manufactured using natural or synthetic fibers. This is one of the oldest varieties of tarpaulins used for various purposes from hundreds of years. Its strength allows it to fight the wind and this has made canvas tarps the ideal choice for painters and people from the trucking industry. Though being 100% waterproof, it can absorb paint and prevent it from leaking. You can also simply place it over a delicate surface like a hardwood floor and the tarp will protect it from foot traffic.

This being said, its time you choose a tarpaulin variety according to your requirement and approach a reliable manufacturer or dealer offering it.